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Well as you all know now nothing is ever easy for me and I have had my fair share of bad luck and unfortunate events this year but its not over yet. I have had a major set back with LOST.The manufactures have been a nightmare and proving difficult to work with and not meeting time lines. 3 weeks ago I was told I would have my final samples, then promised them by the end of last week, to be emailed this morning saying they still haven’t been sent. Meeting time lines is a major thing and if they can’t do this at this stage, there never going to be able to cope with demand and deadlines in the future. So I am back to the start. Well kind of!

Starting over is not a bad thing just changes my time line of launch, but hopefully not by to much. Finding manufactures that have good ethic’s when it comes to sourcing materials and using organic/recycled materials is quite tricky. Especially when you want your products to be affordable to everyone, but I will not be defeated. I have also learned so much with this process not going as smooth as I hoped first time around. So here are some top tips so far...

1. Make sure when your getting your design and patterns make sure this includes tech packs and CAD drawings- These are vital. You will need these for each item.

2. Do as much research into the company you plan to work on as possible.

3. Set out prices for the work before it is carried out and make sure you find out what is included in the price.

4. Set deadlines in the first meeting and make sure they are able to fulfil these.

5. Learn about the fabric you want to use and take swatches of these to you first meeting.

This will stand you in good stead when walking into that first meeting. I don’t come from a fashion background at all so there is things I don’t know and still learning about. So if you come from a fashion background there is probably lots of steps I have missed out.Some times not knowing everything gives you less time to panic, which is probably a good thing for me ,all it means to me is that I just need to work harder to reach my end goal. If you want something enough you will find a way to make it work. Until I find a new manufactures things are pretty much on hold so I am hoping it won’t take to long I have reached out to a handful of companies today, so hopefully by the end of the week I will have a clearer picture. As I can’t take photos of clothes I don’t have, which means I can start a web page, which puts a hold on marketing. So basically I just need to come up with a new 3 month plan and hope to got it runs like clock work from the new year. I suppose this hiccup means that over Christmas and new year I have more time to work and earn some extra money as well as have time to spend with family enjoying the festive period. Which isn’t the worst thing in the world. The Christmas tree is up and I LOVE it, Every year we get a real tree and I just love the full process of going and find that perfect tree and the smell of your house once its up is just a bonus.

On Saturday the 8th of December Myself and a few of my friends from the Glasglow Girls Club took part in sleep in the park to raise money for the homeless in Glasgow. I thought about all the things I have done this year to push my boundaries and thought why not try one more before the year is out. Sleeping ruff for one night in December in Glasgow. This was a very surreal and humbling experience. In no way did this replicate some of these homeless people situations, I was lucky to have layers or warm clothing, sleeping bad and camping mat, but it opens your eyes for sure. I know I am lucky to have what I do and I don’t take it for granted, but after doing this I appreciated it even more. We heard from people the charity has helped over the years. The thing that stood out for me was that they just got caught up, maybe when they lost there job and never had family or friends to support them, or maybe the had a mental illness that had went untreated because they didn’t understand what was happening to them. It really hit home that we are all just a few decision, sometimes there out of our hands completely like being made redundant and we could find yourself in this situation. Being homeless doesn’t always mean sleeping ruff either, it could mean staying in hostels long term or sofa surfing. My one night out there was bearable but I couldn’t imagine having to do it for weeks, months or years on end. The one thing the homeless speakers asked use to do was when you see them just give them a smile if nothing else because it free and goes a long way! So please remember this. The work the Social Bite charity do is amazing. If you want to learn more about what they do or how you can help just click on the picture below.

This week is a busy one with work and Christmas shopping because I have yet to buy a Christmas present, but by the end of the week I WILL have a new manufacture, Christmas presents and a new set of goals.


Penny xxx

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