Behind the scene

Since returning home you will have read that I have been working on a new project. It‘s time to let you all know what I have been working on.

Welcome to LOST Clothing and the story so far..

While travelling I had an idea with social media being so present in everyone life’s and everyone always wanting to look and feel there best, I felt like that backpackers had been left behind. Online shops are great for your 2 week holidays but these clothes cant withhold rucksack life. Yet the clothes that can withhold rucksack life are out dated and certainly not fashion forward. So I done some market research on the road and even more since returning home and found that most backpackers really do struggle with this issue. So I used this to my advantage and from this LOST Clothing was created.

Within two weeks of being home I had my business plan ready to go. Having dyslexic I was worried about not answers the question on a business plan correctly or my poor spelling stopping me from getting funding. So I went online and googled to see where I cloud get help with this. I was pointed in the direction of Jobs & Business Glasgow and met a great man called Alan (honestly thanks for all the help!)The help and guidance I received through them was amazing and still even though my business plan is complete and funding has been granted there is still support from them which is amazing. I would highly recommend them for anyone looking to take the jump into self employed.

If you know me personally you know I can be quite an impatient person I want everything done yesterday but since returning home and starting on this venture. I have learned that Rome wasn’t build in a day and neither will Lost Clothing.

I have also still been working full time as well, which has been a little stressful as for 3 months I was 9-5 and every company I wanted to speak to or needed to speak to was also 9-5, so this proved hard but not impossible. Now I am back in Hospitality its been easier to get things done and now I am finally starting to see it all come together.

I also have to travel to London mid week too as this seems to be the closets place to me that help start up business manufacture there’s clothes with no minimum number on production. They have been fab and are currently working on my samples as we speak which I am mega excited about.

I will be starting with a small collection of five items which I have designed myself. All the clothes will be as Eco friendly as possible. Each item will also be multi wear which if you backpack a lot you will know it is important. There is no such thing as iron free material trust me I have hunted high and low, but they will be fast drying and easy to pack even just in a small rucksack.

I am still a few months away from the launch of Lost Clothing, but I wanted to share it with you at this time because, I am going to do a series of blogs about setting up a business from scratch. From idea to internet. As Lost clothing will be an online shop.

So please if you have any question about anything I am doing please please contact me and I will be sure to address them in my blogs.


Penny xxx


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