Business on the brain.

In my last blog post I told you all about my latest venture. Lost Clothing. I can’t quite believe it by 2019 I will be a business owner! Not bad for someone who left school at 16.

Don’t get me wrong its not been a walk in the park and I think I have winged my way through a lot of it but its working so far. There is so much to do when starting your own company and you find its not the big things that take the time its all the small things, the things that you have maybe over looked or not even thought of. The other things is it definitely not glam either.

This week I am down in London for a meeting with my manufactures and fabric companies. Sound like it could be glam, nice lunches in fancy places, with a lovely hotel looking over the city. Well its not its long days going from one side of London to the other staying in a 6 bed hostel room which I don’t mind I have just spend months backpacking and after all it’s were my idea came from.

With nothing ever being simple in my life I have chosen to launch a clothing brand at the time fashion is in the news for all the wrong reason. That fast fashion is killing our plant. If you haven’t watched the Stacey Dooley documentary on BBC you certainly should. Probably shouldn’t be telling you to watch a documentary basically saying to not buy clothes, though I think its important that people see the impact we are having on the world.

It is important to me that I try where I can to use organic, recycled and recyclable materials when building my brand. I also want to try when out sourcing to work with companies that have good ethics and have a green plan. After all there is no point building a brand for backpackers if am I going to destroy what they want to see by doing it.

Each day I read more and do more research and this week I have found that I might have jumped a step with excitement or maybe it was because I was slightly winging it. Not to worry though I am glad I have learnt this step when I did because I still have plenty of time to fix it. It doesn’t even really effective me right at this moment but it would later on going forward when the brand started to grow, so I am glad I caught it now.

When I started on this venture I was like by the end of November I will be ready to go. I am glad that I haven’t rushed though and took my time learning as I go.

As it stands to date I have wrote a business plan, been accepted for funding, chose a brand name, and a logo, picked a manufacture (which I will go in to more below) , had my design drawn on CAD, patterns cut, and 1st samples made, I also have some packing items and register myself as a solo trader.

This sounds lots when you put it down like this, but it is only a scratch in the surface. If you want to find out more about any of these separate parts please just email me, message me on Instagram, or on live chat and I will cover it in my next post.

So one of the main reason I picked to work with this manufacture is because they have no minimum order limit which is great for a small company or a start up. What this means is you can order 5, 20 or 500 of one product off them, most manufactures have a minimum between 100 and 500 which means you could be sitting on a lot of stock that you can’t sell, or having to put money into stock and not in to other things which can cost you even more in the long run. It is a bit more expensive to order smaller numbers but it means you can control stock levels and get money coming in without tying up all your money in stock.

The other thing I have learned is that you can’t do everything yourself. Its okay to out source and ask for help. I have no clue how to make a website to sell my clothes on I am honestly the least tech savvy person you will ever meet. So I have out sourced to the girl that has help me with my blog as I already know, love and trust her work! She is the reason my blog looks so fab. If you like the look of my blog and want Holly to do some work for you she can be found at

I also ask people there opinions to I will send pictures to my mum and my friends a choice of things and ask them to pick. I have ordered some thing’s so far and liked the concept but just wee things need changed, the grade of the paper, the shape of the tag.

I am trying to build a brand that has good quality, well sourced and will still be purchased when people stop living the fast fashion lifestyle. I have chose a neutral colour palate as I feel these colours stand the test of time and can be accessorised with colour. A capsule rucksack/wardrobe.

Though the best part about today is that I get to see my samples for the first time and I honestly can’t wait! MY own clothes and own design are no longer just dreams and ideas they are real I can try them on.


Penny xxx


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