For those of you that have been reading my blog from the start are probably wondering where the tales of travel and my series of unfortunate events have disappeared to. Why its went from a travel and lifestyle blog to a fashion business lifestyle blog.

The truth is becoming your own boss doesn’t really give you the money to travel, well unless its to the supermarket for bread and milk. However the series of unfortunate events have gotten slightly better, but bad luck still remains. But hey a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor! As you know manufacturing issues and a broken boiler! Please if you own a house make sure you have boiler insurance I am lucky and I do and it’s still taken 2 months to fix!! Working for myself is always something I have dreamed of doing, then after my last trip away I thought why can I not be? If I can pick myself up from rock bottom and board a plane to the other side of the world why can’t I become my own boss? So from since I returned home I have been working on LOST Clothing. I have found that everything I have read has contradicted each other. You can never get a straight answers and after hours of reading your no better off than you started. In fact your probably worst off as you now have a sore head. Writing my blog has given me great comfort and something I have really enjoyed doing and even though I want to become my own boss I could never give it up. So when I knew that travel wasn’t going to be on the cards for a while. I thought why not write about my travel fashion brand and the up’s and downs of a start up company, because after all its probably going be the biggest journey of my life! By no means am I saying am a business mogul or know all the answers, but I will write a true account of my journey and answer all question honestly and add links to people and places that have helped me along the way. As I feel we need to support each other more, if I can just even help one person I will be happy.

Then one day once all of you wonderful people start to buy my products which are launching in March 2019. I can add back in the travel aspect, until then I will be using dating app to maintain a social life and it’s a good way to eat when your on a budget! I mean free food for a few hours of conversation, What more could a girl want? They say love finds you when your not looking. So maybe using dating apps as a way of a hot meal or a business contact, instead of as a hopeless romantic could work well for me. This last week everything has started to fall into place and I have been finally been given a date that could be possible for launch if nothing else is to go wrong, which is amazing and so glad that even when things weren’t going great with the manufactures I kept working on the 1001 other things that you need to do to get up and running. With being on such a high last week I feel like I have hit of a bit of a block and can’t find my rhythm again this week. Hopefully tomorrow I will get my creative juices flowing again as I am spending the morning in the manufactures, getting to preview my new samples that will be out a doubt going to production. I am also getting to spend a few hours watching how it goes from pattern to sample which I am going to film on Instagram. I have been spending a lot of time networking to and have been offered an amazing opportunity to take my products to Berlin in August as part of a pop up shop which is super exciting to be asked as I don’t have actual products at the moment. So I am super happy and can’t wait to see what Berlin has in store for me. This will probably be my first trip of 2019.

I hope you all continue to support and follow my journey even though you signed up for a travel blog and have now got a start up company, but with out all of you readers this would have never been possible. So THANK YOU!


Penny xxx


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