Harsh realities

Updated: Apr 14

It is one big massive struggle let me tell you.

These past two weeks have been the most rewarding but also gave me some of my biggest challenges at the same time. Oh yes and I got trolled for the first time since starting my blog over a year ago. Its all go in my life! There is no overnight success, or a quick fix to make your millions. You will probably become the poorest you have ever been with 100 sleepless nights and stress headaches on the daily, before you even break even. It would help if I hadn’t been unlucky with my first manufactures and lost money or even if I had applied for the correct amount of funding to start with. Well what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger right?!

Last week was my first networking event of the year as well, it felt good to be back out mingling with like minded people. This one was held by pplrstrange and had a fabulous mix of ladies at it. We talk about lots. We spoke about funding and starting up on your own in Glasgow and how the help is so hard to find. Lucky we all had different experiences and different contacts which was great so we all shared and swapped information. I also found out about the RBS accelerator program which I have now applied for and been invited for a interview for. You don’t have to bank with them to get involved so if you haven’t heard of it before I suggest checking it out. For funding I also found out about Scottish edge it is a competition but the support and funding you get if your idea is except is amazing. You need to do a short video for your application and the interview process is dragon den pitch like, so you would need to be okay with public speaking, but it really is a great opportunity. I also met this wonderful girl who has her own t-shirt and tote bags called Dear green claes. Here brand is vegan clothing with added patter. If your not from Glasgow you might not fully get the patter but they make me giggle and they are just fab so be sure to check her out! If you click the name it will take you to her page.

So that’s two things I have learned this week that we can all benefit from. In my life and the life of LOST there has been major developments!!

Its all so bloody exciting.

Having a manufactures so close to me is making a massive difference and the fact they allow me to be so hands on is amazing. I have been there four times in the last two weeks and have learned so much, in regards to patterns, grading, sew speak and the way materials work or don’t work for certain projects. I recommend if you can work with a small manufactures where you can visit often its worth the extra cash for sure. That’s is not the best part of my week though. The best part is that by Monday … as in four sleeps time I will have samples , perfect and ready to roll with samples!! It feels like Christmas morning. I will finally be able to get these photographed and my website set up ready for the launch. As much as I am so excited that it is finally all falling into place I am now absolutely bricking it. I keep thinking what if no one likes my collection, what if I have missed something and a bunch more of absolute crazy keeping me up at night thoughts. This weekend I will be working with my friend to get all social media set up, correctly and how I vision it. I have done my best up until now with no help, basically just winging it and well it’s been okay but I do feel I need a massive do over/ re-brand for the launch. I know what I want it to look like I just not to sure how to get it there, that's why i have called in some help.

So overall with just the one mini meltdown this week has been an massive success and I cant wait to see what next week brings.


Penny xxx


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