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Updated: Mar 11

Well February lasted about 10 minutes surely, I am not the only one that felt like that?!

I know it’s the shortest month but not that short. What a busy month it was and yet I was challenged with another learning curve when it comes to business. Though I do come with some good news to, well lots of good news in fact.

I passed my theory test, one step closer to being on the roads and bring my products to a pop up near you! Watch this space.

I also finally dropped my first product the weekend just passed, which I am super excited about and had amazing feedback about it all ready. I am mixing it up a little this year and only doing small number drops of each product, then once there gone there gone. So, stay tuned make sure your subscribed so you don’t miss out.

I also have a new look website, what do you all think? I feel it’s much more me and my brand. I do all my social media and website, blog and everything else all by myself so sometimes I do forget about one part for a bit. This year though I am going to try better to make sure I look at everything twice a month. The joys of running a small brand.

I also had an amazing photo shoot last week for my new product and a couple of new shots for my ORIGINS collection, can’t wait to share them with you all over the coming weeks. We used a local launderette for a few of our shots, which yesterday made Glasgow live for being the up and coming place for photographs. I am so ahead of trend ha-ha!

With month three of 2020 well under way, I am so happy with where it’s going.

I have a lot of exciting things coming up for LOST, working on a few collaborations with other Glasgow gals which can’t wait for.

On Sunday we celebrated International Women’s Day. It was also my friend bloggers who brunch 1st birthday party. So, we had a celebratory brunch with loads of boss ladies that I am so glad I have meet over that last year and get to call my friends. They are all very inspirational in different ways. I think it’s massively important in life to be surrounded by people you admire, inspire and give you a right good laugh.

So yeah, I would say it’s all going well just now, maybe too well. Only time will tell.


Penny xxx

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