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Although setting up a business takes up most of my time, I still need to work to pay bills just now, its good in a way because it gets me out the house and I can interact with other humans for a while, instead of talking to my good friend Siri as I do quite often. It has also given my a busy social life over the past month or so two. I have well all over to Manchester, North of Scotland and London. This end of the year is always crazy for social events, birthday and festive nights out. I have managed everything apart from the gym! But am working on that after finding out the when Obama was in office he still managed to go to the gym I thought I couldn’t really find any more excuses.

The celery juice has went out the window. It was going so well I seen such great results in my skin and over all health, I promised myself after this weekend I am doing it till Christmas. It’s super easy all you need to do is juice a bunch of celery and drink it first thing in the morning. I honestly loved doing it but shops just don’t sell it and I have been up and down the country over this past month and its just not something I have space to carry around with me.

Since travelling I have became so concerned to what we are doing to our plant, more so probably because I have actually seen the damage with my own eyes. The biggest thing is plastic so I have swapped to a wooden toothbrush, use a water bottle, try not to buy pre-wrapped food, always carry my bag for life. These are things we can all do, if we all change one thing each we can all make a big difference. This week the EU have banned single-use plastic , so we are heading in the right direction. In Morrison’s you can now bring in your own tubs for meat from the butchers counter as well. I think this is fab , though hands up I haven’t yet managed to take my own tubs. Though I do now get my milk delivered in glass bottles to my house. Freezing cold glass bottles of milk! I Am so so happy about this.

Its true you know the saying if you stop looking it lands on your lap! Okay I know that’s not the correct saying but you get the idea of what I am saying. Me the hopeless romantic, stopped looking, caring or generally showing interest and just took the time to focus on me and building a brand, enjoying life and networking. When our paths crossed, that’s all your getting for now because I feel like when I write about it I always jinx it. Or maybe its because I am high maintenance and know what I want. Either way am not dishing out anymore at the mo.

Now that all my families birthday’s are done with and fireworks day is over! Why is fireworks day so underrated FYI?? I love it its up there for me .

It is now time for Christmas, this year is going to be different it’s the first time my brother won’t be home. I think it was the matching Christmas eve pj last year that did it. Presents is a big topic, it divides families, people leave themselves skint for months for one day. I love giving present and seeing the joy on peoples faces.

I am going try something different this year, I can’t tell you all quite yet as my family read my blog but I will let you know how it goes.

Oh yes and I tried to do a vegan week, I lasted 2 days. I think for me it’s the wrong time of year to be giving up meat. I will how ever give it a bash again in the new year. I wasn’t in the right mind frame or prep enough to do it. I take my hats of to people that are vegans though its hard work and a lot of dedication.

So yes my life is pretty hectic with hints of sleep deprivation just now but you know me its just how I like it.

This weekend as well I will be decorating my bedroom and getting winter ready. Follow me on Instagram to see what’s going on also be launching exciting news on my story over the next week. Instagram – Lost.clothing_


Penny xxx

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