Let's catch up

I am back, with a brand new look.

What do you all think? Its been strange not blogging over the past few months, for me its always been a great escape. I love sharing my life with you all the highs and lows and when I woke this morning I was excited to let you all know what’s been going on.

Where to begin is the problem just so much has been going on, life is 100 miles an hour and I love it. So apart from launching a brand, working 12 hour shifts, trying to keep fit and on top of house work, plan content, have a social life, eat the food in the fridge before it went off, reply to emails and work on exciting new projects and spent a few days away in Spain. I would say I have been pretty quiet! Where to start, how about the fact I have been trading for 3 whole months, can you believe it?! 3 months of blood sweat and tears. Where I started only 3 months ago and where I am now are completely different places but I have loved every minute of it. Its really bloody hard to get your brand out there, you are in competition with everyone. People don’t want to spend 20 quid on one t-shirt when that would get you 10 in Primark. Its been about education as well as branding and then to top it all off Instagram are hiding my posts so that my hard work isn’t being seen. I have been shadow banned, but not to worry the come back is always greater than the set back.

I have now officially started a new job too, still in hospitality as I love to chat and meet new people, but its no longer 12 hour days. Working these long days were mentally hard and made it tricky to do brand work round about it. So as of next week I will have a healthy work life balance. With life going at 100 miles an hour you would think I would be meeting more people, possibly even a new man! That is definitely not the case I am still a hopeless romantic, they do say good things come to those who wait. Just wonder how long you have to wait! I also managed to fit in a cheeky wee four day girls holiday which was fab, as it was the first time I had been away since my travels. What a laugh we had and my phone wasn’t working so it was 4 days of sun, sea and laughter. It was nice not to have a phone just for a few days.

So yes I think that’s us caught up, but watch this space the new look site is only just the beginning of loads more wonderful things to come. I hope you LOVE them all as much as I do.


Penny xxx


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