Life in Lockdown!

It doesn’t seem that long ago we were rushing through life, stressed that there weren’t enough hours in the day to do everything we had to do but if lockdown has thought us one thing is that 24hrs is in fact a really long time. Well maybe not for everyone, but if your home alone WOW its long.

What a few months it has been, a worldwide pandemic shutting down life as we know it. For me I thought I probably wasn’t going cope that well I am a social butterfly and love to be around people and learning. Either that or I am nosey! To be fair if it was during the winter months, I think I might have been right. I already find those dark months much harder. Yet here we are with the light at the end of the tunnel and I haven’t fared to badly. The fab weather has definitely helped and the fact I am one of those lucky people that has a garden has been a massive bonus.

Don’t get me wrong it’s been a huge learning curve and there have been highs and lows. Would I have probably had just as many if not more if I was living life as before?! I think so.

Lockdown has divided the nations. Although we have seen solidarity in staying at home and helping those around us. There has been highs and lows as we all adjusted to this new way of life some have taken to it really well and others have struggled. We have also seen the divide of the Stay at home Netflix’ers & Bakers to the Joe Wicks get up a go & DIY’ERs. For me there has been a mixture of all of them for sure. I have been doing my daily walks (only because this way I get to smile at someone in the street) yes, I stay myself so this became a highlight! But I have also found out that I am a much better cook than I am baker. I have also fallen back in love with reading and watched every show I find interesting on Netflix. But whatever you have found yourself doing GO YOU!! Even those bad days, because it can’t rain forever.

This isn’t the time to beat yourself up because someone in a box on the internet has done more than you, I can assure your there are people that have done less it’s just not out there for you to see. Don’t ever forget most people only share the highlights, the good parts and not the bad.

We must not forget we are in the midst of a pandemic where our feelings and emotions are all over the place. Experts are claiming its like the effects of a trauma we are feeling, but we have made it this far, so yes we are winning!

As far as trying to continue to date or get to know someone during lockdown, WOW that’s a totally different ball game and one that I choose to delete and deactivate for the time being and focus on me and the whirlwind that’s going on around us, instead of possibly some of the worst chat up lines I have ever heard. Honestly online dating at this time is not for the faint hearted or easily offended. The only romance I will be finding is in a book, but I am not giving up!

With lockdown starting to be eased and steps put in place for our way out, we are all still talking about returning to normal. For me I don’t think there will be a normal like we had for a long time to come. I think there will become a new normal. Yes, in the coming weeks we will hopefully be able to hug parents, grandparents have their grandkids for a sleepover and you can meet a friend or two in the park but I think life as we knew it before has changed. Is it for the better?!

Spending more time at home has made people appreciate what’s around them not only in a family sense but as a community too. We have seen some amazing acts of kindness and heartfelt stories that have brought us joy and shown us light in those dark times and we have also seen the world’s biggest civil rights movement the Black Life’s Matter Campaign.

So, no matter what you take from this moment I think that we have all learnt and grown, maybe you can’t see it right now but this pause or reset on life has been extremely important and something that will be talked about for decades to come.

We are making history right now and that alone is something to be proud of!

Hope you are all well and safe. We have got this!


Penny xxx


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