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This week marked my 27th birthday! I had a great weekend with family and friends and was completely spoiled.

The last few weeks I have been non stop. I left my desk job last Tuesday, I was grateful for the opportunity when coming back to the UK and thought I wanted to leave behind hospitality but the job just wasn’t for me I was working longer hours for less money and not able to have the work life balance that allows me to blog. My blog has became a major part of my life and I want to work on it more not less.

So as of tomorrow I will be back in the land of hospitality and I can not wait, I will be working in a much smaller more fine dinning restaurant where the menu changes every 6 weeks. So if you see me over the weekend please be nice. I am new.

Having the week off between jobs has been great it has aloud me to be able to go to loads of networking events around Glasgow and meet some new and wonderful people and take on new challenges.

Starting in November I will be going vegan for a week, to help a fellow blogger out, so if you have and top tips or super cool recipes please feel free to send me them. Myself and some of the girls at GGC will also talking part in this years, sleep in the park, the event is ran by social bite and it is to raise money for the homeless people around Glasgow. On the 8th of December I will be sleeping out. If you know me well you will know sleep for me is a big thing and how much I love my bed, this will probably be my biggest challenge to date. Both mental and physically. I will add my fundraising link below and I would really appreciated any donations. Http://

Something I have always struggled with is my skin, I have had acne over the years and as I have got older its became more hormonal acne, which isn’t the best. Then in my last post I said that I would be doing the 21 day celery juice challenge. This is all I have added to my life and this week I have consumed alcohol and had a hormone cycle spike and yet my skin has been so much better. For my birthday I got Derma Therapy pillow cases too so have had them on for the last few nights too. So on the 16th of October I will show you my full results, but for now here is a sneak peak at the difference in a week.

Is it just me of does Autumn/Winter time make you want to decorate? Probably something to do with the fact you will bee spending the next 3 months locked indoors while storms batter on outside, well in Scotland that normally how it goes. This years project is my bedroom, when I moved in last year I done everywhere else and didn’t put much focus on my room so this year I am going all out. I can feel how cosy its going to be already. With the darker nights drawing in this is always a hard time of year for me mentally and the time I struggle the most. Last year I brought myself a S.A.D Lamp and I don’t know how much it really helped me the, but I think it was partly my fault because I hadn’t opened yet and told people how I felt. So tonight I am putting it back on and hoping this year it will help me.

Love Penny xxx


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