March Madness

This month has been full of new experiences for me. With the launch of LOST edging every closer it all started to feel like its coming together. I know I said LOST would be launched by now, everything is just about good to go! Just waiting on a venue for the launch party to be confirmed and we are good to go. Stay tuned! So on the 16th of March I took the plunge and took part in my first ever pop up shop. Although I haven’t launched yet I felt that this would be good to do before hand and get some feedback on it all.Like most things in the life of Penny nothing is ever easy. Saturday was the day of the pop up and on Thursday my banner arrived for the event! I was so exited to see it and get it all set up only to open it and find out it wasn’t my banner. So I then had to find a banner company that would make, and delivery a banner in 24 hours. Stress! After being so organised and ordering the first banner weeks ago. I managed to pull it off and found a company that was able to print and deliver it in time. It wasn’t until the day of the pop up that up popped on my memories my leaving party. Its strange how life work’s, this time last year if you had asked me where I would have been today I would of said Oz on a beach working in a cafe. Yet I couldn’t be any further from that. I am working part time in a restaurant in Glasgow while launching my own clothing label. Even though I would really love a bit of sun right now, I can honestly say I am so happy with my life right now. Might have spoke to soon!

But back to the pop up. The day never really went as planed, the weather was horrible and had snowed a bit the night before nothing major but enough for you to chose a day in the house over a trip to the shops. Not one of us made a sale, but I did learn a lot of tips and tricks that will help me going forward. In a way I am glad it wasn’t super busy because I think I would have been slightly over whelmed. So no sales where made but I had some great feedback from the other stalls about my products too which was nice and now its head down till launch night. A bit deflated from the pop up as I was expecting to at least make one sale, it was time for LOST photo shoot. Finally getting to shoot all my products in and around Glasgow for my website and Launch. I went with sarahpatersonphoto. It was so windy and cold but we powered through and got some fabulous shots that I can’t wait to show you. I couldn’t recommend her enough.

I still have been trying to have a bit of a personal life as well and not be all work, so as the hopeless romantic I am I had met someone at the start of the year. It had been going so well, we got on great and he was so supportive of LOST. I was a smitten kitten. I finally thought I had it all LOST was coming together, I was happy and I had a man. Wait that can’t be right, plain sailing in the life of Penny. No way! Correct last week after an amazing two months I woke up with a text telling me he wanted out and wasn’t ready for this! I was gutted it came right out of the blue, last time I seen him we had a great time so I was shocked but there’s not much that I can do what’s for you won’t go past you. I was down in the dumps and it knocked me. With the launch of LOST fast approaching I have so much to do but this really put a spanner in the works I felt so unmotivated at a time where I had to be full steam ahead.

I needed to give myself a shake and get back in the game, boxing is something I have always wanted to do, so I took the leap and found myself a boxing gym and on Tuesday took my first 1 to 1 boxing class. I am gutted that I hadn’t took this step sooner I absolutely love it. Its an amazing workout and when I left I was on a complete high. Yes it is daunting walking into a boxing gym but they couldn’t be more welcoming. I am training with Andrew Purdon make sure to check him out if you are looking to get in to the sport. Its also a great stress buster, I am currently just doing half hour classes . I have done two now and will be doing two a week for the foreseeable.

This week I also had an magazine interview for LOST with ninetyfourmag. It was a surreal experience and one I am sure to remember for a life time. My story will be in the there first mag after the re-launch of there website. So I will be sure to keep you up to date when that is.


Penny xxx


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