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Updated: Mar 18

Over Christmas and the 987 days of January (thank god it’s finally over!) My mind, body and soul have taken a bit of a battering. There’s been loads of up and plenty of downs I know I can’t wait for the lighter mornings to start creeping in!

Something I really want to achieve this year is to be the fittest I have ever been and not just physically but mentally too. It’s a big challenge and I think it will take me more than 21 days for it to become habit but I am really going push myself.

Feeling feed up, frumpy and a tad unhappy in how I felt and look coming into the new year, I knew somethings had to change. Me drinking alcohol isn’t something I do regularly, but in this mist of December a wave rushed over me and I drank at least two pints of cider a day, not something am overly proud of. (I would say it’s what Christmas in hospitality does to you, but I can’t because it’s the first time I have ever done it! +13 years in the trade.) Don’t get me wrong I was having fun at the time. I was letting my hair down and enjoying myself, but as the month drew on, I knew it had to come to an end not just for my bank balance but for my mental health too.

The effects of drink last on me for days, low mood, unmotivated and deep in thoughts about things that had no effect on my life but would send me into a deep panic.

Does anyone else get like this?

I spoke about success in my last post and how we compare our self to others, we also do this for body image too. Confession, I am guilty of this too. I have screenshots of girls that I follow on Instagram as gym inspiration and wanting that exact body. Honestly the chance of that are slim, even if I trained twice a day, never ate another curry or touch a drink again in my life I wouldn’t be able to achieve the look of the girl saved to my lock screen and you know why?

No it not because my life is super busy and I wouldn’t be able to train twice a day, because if you want something that bad you find a way to make it work, or because of my lack of will power because I have gave it all up before. It’s something I can’t control or change. It’s genetics!

That fact that we all come in different shapes and sizes is something to celebrate, it’s something of great beauty within itself. I read a post the other day and it said,

“you have hundreds of silent supporters’ people that would love to have your hair, legs, smile, laugh, bum or sense of humour. So just remember that when you feel like no one cares.” I couldn’t have put it better myself yes, it’s okay to take inspiration from others but to have someone else as your goal isn’t healthy. It’s important to know your own body and working with the body you have.

But, keeping fit for me is about more than the way it makes you look, but it massively effects the way I feel mentally if you have followed my blog from the start you will know how I have been quite open with my mental struggles. I have good days and bad still but exercise and discipline help me have less and less.

Since new year I have drank once and it was on Tuesday for my long-awaited Christmas night out. I had been back in the gym 5 times a week since new year and eating well and feeling great in mind and in body. Yes, I get the gym not for everyone but find your something that makes your soul happy. Boxing, swimming, yoga, a running club or pottery.

Then Tuesday came and it took a turn for the worst!

Yes I had a great laugh with all the team from work and it was nice to spend time outside work with them but the way I have felt since hasn’t and to add to it all I cut my lower leg/ankle shaving on Tuesday morning which has now became infected and am hobbling about like Winston from still game (sorry if you’re not Scottish.) I have no luck, honestly couldn’t make it up.

So, I have took a week off and still can’t go back till the middle of this week, but I honestly can’t wait as this year I am so focused and driven on personal and professional growth. Just you watch this space.

Remember at the end of the day you have to look after yourself, so claim a day or a few hours each week and do it for you, whatever that may be. Celebrate yourself and be proud!


Penny xxx


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