New Decade, New Year, Same Plan.

Happy New Year to you all. Does anyone know when you stop saying it? Feel like it must be about now.Hope you all had a wonderful festive period and your feeling refreshed going in to the New Year with some big plans and loads of self-love.

With each New Year I always make goals that I want to achieve by the end of the year instead of a resolution I feel like they are more productive and this year I want to:

-Passing my driving test

-Get back to blogging weekly

-Get fit (do 10,000 steps everyday)

-Making at least 3 sales a week

-Growing my brand

Writing my blog is something I have always loved doing and has helped me out massively when I have a low mood period, However towards the middle of last year I tried to take my blog in a different direction and well I feel like it never worked and I feel out of love with it. So, this year I asked you lot what you would like to see from me on my blog. Low and behold you guys & girls want to hear about my weekly life! So am back and honestly, I can’t make up what happens to me sometimes, you’re sure to be entertained. We are 13 day’s in and so far, my new decade has been off to a rocky start. The first week of January was well a complete write off. (anyone else or just me?) I had been meeting an old flame at the end of last year, we reunited after 2 years apart and started to spend more time together again. Well let’s just say it never made it to this decade, as much as I would have loved it too, he still had the mental age of when I left him two years ago. Nothing new here for this hopeless romantic eh?! So new year, new man maybe? I spent the first few days of the year a bit bumped out and upset that the festivities were over and drinking daily was no longer acceptable. Week two was off to a better start though I gave myself a shake and was ready to take on the year.

I headed back to the gym and boxing after 3 months off, it was horrible and I was nearly sick in both the gym and the ring but I am glad to be back. I am back on the roads on my driving lesson’s, I had done lesson’s when I was 17 in a manual and always felt like I was missing something so I gave up. 6 years later I found out I was dyslexic and it made sense. This time am doing it in an automatic and absolutely loving it. I am also back working normal hours in the restaurant game, so I can get more done with LOST and get growing for 2020. If December taught me anything, apart from heartbreak was self-care. This year I will be doing more for me, saying NO, learning form past mistakes and making time for things that make me happy. I am heading into week three ready to go and excited to share what’s to come. Make sure you subscribe so you never miss the weekly Goss!


Penny xxx


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