Past, Present, Future

December is different for everyone, for me I find this time of year difficult but I still look forward to it. I Love that people come together, present are exchanged, we look back on what we have achieved and forward to the year ahead and even though it its bitterly cold people still put on there best outfits for the Christmas parties.

This time last year was probably the lowest I have ever been, and to be honest I thought it was going stay like that forever. Never in a million years did I think I would be were I am now. Well maybe not where I am right now, as I am on the sofa with covers and a hot water bottle feeling pretty down, but when I think of everything I have done and learned this year. Its more than I could have even thought possible last year. The low I am feeling just now and last years low is completely different, this year I know I will get out of it, I have a plan for next year and deadlines for the end of this year that I want to smash. Where as last year I didn’t know anything, apart from the fact I hated the way I felt and that something had to change. So I made some massive changes and started my blog to let you all in on it. Even though I do love this time of year, past experience haven’t always been great around this time of year. The dark mornings and even darker evenings don’t help me at all. Things I have found that helped last year and that I am doing again this year is my SAD lamp, great investment and if the dark is something you struggle with if it makes you feel unmotivated or you just feel a bit low buy one trust me! Eating well, with all the boozy Christmas nights out coming up and the fact it dark and cold makes you want to eat bad foods, I try not to. I still try have all my fruit and veg each day and bread once a day only, so I can still have a mince pie, of a handful of chocolates from the tubs. Also exercise, every morning just a 10 or 15 min workout in the house gets you going for the rest of the day. ( These are my winter top tips.) Looking back on this year I have been to so many places and more have been added to my list to visit, met lots of different people and learned something from each of them some good/some bad, realised my own self worth, came up with a business plan and now am finishing the year not where I thought I would be and doing something I never thought I would be.

Launching a company and becoming my own boss. So much can happen in 12 months but these past 12 months have definitely made me stronger that’s for sure. I have learned that you can’t always plan everything sometimes you need to just trust the process.You need to take each day as it comes and its okay if it’s a bad day cause a good one will come.Put yourself first and finally don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t. Starting your own business is hard, you are skint and stressed but it also brings joy and teaches you something every day. Rome wasn’t build in a day and neither will your business. Would be great if that happened but it’s not the case, so don’t get over whelmed, give yourself 2 or 3 tasks a day. Once there done stop for the day and have some you time, cook a nice meal, see friends, read a book. Do what makes you happy. 2019 I am ready for you and whatever you may bring.


Penny xxx


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