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September already, I cant believe it this year has went so fast, but September is going be a good one I can feel it, its also my Birthday month. I can't wait to celebrate with all my friends and family.

So this last week has been non stop for me, and I have loved every minute of it. If you read my blog regularly you will know that I am working on a brand new project and I know I said I would share it will you all this week, but in the world of business nothing is ever plain sailing so unfortunately it has been put back till the end of September. I promise I am working hard and all will be revealed soon.

My week started off with a trip to London. I decided to fly down as its quicker and cheaper or so you think. Though no thanks to Ryanair that was not the case, it took me 4 hours to get down to London, how is that even fair?! Oh and to add insult to injury do you know you are no longer aloud to take a hand luggage case on board? Unless you pay for it or upgrade to premium. So on top of the delay they took my case, which cause another hours wait when landing to get it back. Thought apart from my Ryanair issues, London was mega productive, for the business side of things but I just didn’t leave myself enough time to do everything else I wanted to do. Any excuse for another trip to be fair but I will be getting the train next time for sure. Since returning back from my travels I have been working in a call centre as I thought I was done with hospitality but I am so not over working in the service industry. Why work in a job I don’t love for less money with more hours? So this week I put my CV out there and was shocked at the amount of job offers I have had for the service industry. It has honestly been over whelming. I take my hat off to you people that work 9-5, I don’t know how you do it. I love having Mondays off, lunch with my girls during the week and time to do things like doctors appointments etc. I find shift work to be more social well for me anyways. Going back to shift work means I can focus more time on my project and my blog. I will also be able to go to more networking events and social activities and events. Unfortunately with being in London this week I missed out on what looked like a fab networking night in Darcy’s, but not to worry because I am already booked up for the next one on the 26th of this month. If you know of any events, charity nights let me know I am wanted to go to loads and loads, as I really enjoy them and are a great way to increase your social circle.

So I am feeling really positive about the way my life is now going, at last.

I have also stopped taking my contraceptive pill this is not because I want a kid or anything. (well you would need a man for that too, so that’s me out) The reason i stopped taking it was because it was effecting my mood massively, the week when I had to stop taking it was horrible it was like withdrawal symptoms and it made me a different person, short tempered, low mood and just not very nice. I took this pill mainly for my skin so now that I have stopped my skin has started to flare up again. Its never ending being a women. Has anyone else every had these side effects? How did you over come it?

I am going to give the celery juice challenge a go for the next 21 days along with having one apple a day. This is all I am adding to my diet, I am not going to change anything else and see how I get on over the next 21 days.

Celery juice has five main properties it heals the gut, strengthens bones, purifies blood stream, highly detoxifying and anti-inflammatory. It works by flushing out your body and helps repair any damage that has been done . You have to drink it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Its not the nicest of taste, but you only have to drink 16oz a day. Apples help starve out bacteria, yeast and mould from the gut. So grouping these together I should see some really good effects when it comes to my skin.

If you a foodie in Glasgow and love to try new things in new places, you should get yourself down to STRATA on Queen Street. The food is amazing they do steamed buns which are to die for such a burst of flavour and there so reasonably priced. I had the Hoi Sin chicken with crispy onion, I could of stayed there all day eating them I will definitely be back.

I have also been watching Greys Anatomy, OMG. If you haven’t watched it yet you

need to get involved it is a perfect winter box set to binge on. I only started a few weeks ago and I am already on season 7, I love all things medical so I am completely hooked. Also if anyone know of these fab people that will go around with you all day and film and take pictures of you. Please give me a shout cause I will need a few of you lovely people over the next few months.


Penny xxx


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