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With the pandemic a new wave of emotions came with being a small business owner. Like how would you survive, could you re-work your business or will you need to call it time?

These are questions that faced all business owners, not just me. For the first two weeks I wallowed in self-pity and found myself at a bit of a loose end. In a way I was lucky I only had me to think about as I do everything on my own, so there wasn’t added pressure of keeping a team afloat. Even at this it was an extremely hard time for me and my mental health. With LOST not even reaching the one-year mark I wasn’t sure if I would survive even if I did adapt, and here is why.

With LOST I had massive plans this year. Each month I was going to be dropping a new piece in limited numbers. Something different, yet something that you would be able to build into your capsule wardrobe. Exclusivity and longevity coming together.

Though like most things in my life and definitely thus far in business it hadn’t gone to plan! But after those two weeks of self-pity I dusted myself off, I hadn’t come this far just to be stopped with something out with my control.

The first year of business can be make or break. They say if you can make it past the first year it’s going to work and if you have followed my journey this far you may know that at more than point it wasn’t looking like I was going to make it. So not only during lockdown did LOST celebrate turning ONE! I made it through the first year of business during a worldwide pandemic, GO ME!! It’s easy to get lost (pardon the pun) in difficult times or to see how far you have come, but every now and then you should stop and look back and see the goals you set and how you managed to surpass them.

In this time of uncertainty, it has been so difficult and I felt like giving up many times. When the goal posts kept moving for example when we could head back to studio’s & work spaces etc. When you couldn’t plan anything further than 24hrs ahead. The daily briefing’s and the way the media portrayed doom and gloom with no end date to Lockdown in the near future dragged my mood way down. Though I just kept saying I haven’t come this far for something like this to stop my business. If my business does fail, I want it to be because I physically couldn’t do anymore not be because I gave up.

Yes, it has been difficult to adapt and yes, I probably could have done more or done better at times, but I have hit some amazing goals during Lockdown too. I launched my first collaboration, got my first international order, was featured on a podcast and hit my 100th sale and surpassed it since launching all thanks to you, your support and understanding.

During Lockdown it’s the sales and shares that have really kept me going, the rally round of the local community and the fact that people are now wanting to shop small and locally is something I am glad to be part of. There are so many talented people right here on our doorsteps and I think now we all appreciate them that little bit more.

We have just passed our 100th day in Lockdown and am not going to lie it’s been really hard, but I also have found reward in things that I would have taken probably took for granted before. This has been a challenging time for everyone for many reasons, but some small business haven’t been as lucky as me and have had to close their doors for good and some are still hanging on. I do hope that we all continue to shop local, share local and support local even once the bigger brands return.

I am starting to see light at the end of the tunnel, my plans have changed slightly but I have become even more focused and excited about hopefully where I can hopefully take my brand over the next six months. There is a new item coming next week so make sure you follow LOST on all social media for updates.


Penny xxx

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