Success is not a race

Updated: Mar 18

It’s not a race, right?! Yet we live in a society that favours speed and everyone is always keen to know “how well you’re doing.” We live in a time that if you aren’t seen with the newest shoes or a last min holiday, you must not be successful.

Though what have shoes and holidays got to do with success? What even is success?

We are led to believe in school that success is to do well in school, get in to university and then bag yourself a dream job. Then with the dream job comes the partner, family and the happy ever after. Oh yeah and you have to be the first to do it out of all your peers! Well that was in the 90’s. Now in the age of social media that ball game has been flipped on it’s head. We are able to see people all over the world in a matter of seconds, we see the supper rich, have front row tickets to a blogger’s life and see entrepreneurs that look like there business has been an overnight success. People are now only showing the highlight reel of their life the “best bits” so this makes them successful? If we never had access to social media would we still honour this as success? Success is now filtered, intensified and mislead. We are no longer competing with our peers (which we should never really be doing anyways, we can all make it) we are now competing with complete strangers that we see on screen that don’t know us from Adam. Though behind their highlight reel are they really happy, any better off, or have it all together like you think?

Why am I asking this? Well when I started LOST, I was determined I was going be successful, that’s what every entrepreneur dream is not just mine. I wanted to show everyone that you don’t have to have good school grades and a uni degree to do well for yourself. About the same time, I was starting LOST I met loads of other liked minded individuals setting out on their journey too. After a few months I seen someone else business taking off, soaring and as much I was thrilled for them and was so glad that they were doing well. I felt like I was coming up short, but why?

I started to question myself, am I good enough? Are my products good enough? Should I be doing more? Do people not like me? Why has society got us feeling like this? Why when we see one person do well dose it light the devil in us that we can’t do it too, and we start to question every decision we have every made in our adult life. But here is why we need to stop comparing; life is different for all of us. Some of us get more curved balls than others and some simple sail by, all we can do is make the best of your circumstances and be grateful for what you already have. So, stop! Stop letting others success define your own!

This week I have been filling out a funding application so I am able to grow LOST this year after losing a lot of money at the start of last year. While filling out these forms and talking to my business gateway advisor I realised just how well I have done for myself in such a short space of time. Okay it’s still be my side hustle at the moment and I am still learning and growing daily but I have also overcome some massive obstacles. I might not have 53k followers or sold over a million units, but has anyone within their first year of business? If you have a massive congratulations to you.

Let’s make 2020 the year where we believe in ourselves, don’t compare our self and certainly don’t let anyone else success define your own. Enjoy your journey and cherish every moment. Success should not be measured in materialistic objects but by how happy you are in life.


Penny xxx


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