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Updated: Mar 31

I thought it was about time I introduced myself. The face behind the brand, the real life person that puts in all the man hours. Full time operation manger, marketing manger, creative director, blogger, trend forecaster, designer, model, stylist just to name a few of the hats I wear within a week. Where to start because its going be a long one! So my name is Penny and I am the CEO of LOST (feels so strange writing that) but that is me! I still don’t believe it at times, I swear if you went back to my old school they would be shocked. I am in my late 20’s and from Glasgow, Scotland.

I love to travel and have done most of Europe, parts of South East Asia by myself, Which you can read about a bit further back in my blogs. I would say Thailand is where it gets juicy.Travelling has gave me some of the best and worst experience in my life, and it will be something I am forever grateful that I was able to do. I don’t think I will ever get board of travelling to new places to be fair. Last year was a tricky one for me, I got myself into Glasgow university something I was so proud of myself for doing having left school at 16. I had to do an access course the year before as I had no suitable grades, in the last few weeks of this course I was sent to an educational psychologist and was told I was dyslexic. This was something I always thought, so didn’t come as to much of a shock. It did allow me to understand things a bit better though and gave me a slight bit of relief.Going to university turned out to be the worst decision for me I spent the first 6 weeks in tears and it had really negative effect on my mental health. I left after just after this as for me my mental heath was more important. I still however ended up on medication. This wasn’t just because of university it was something I had struggled with for a while but university didn’t help. Reaching out and getting help was the best thing I done and kind of the reason I started to blog. The more I shared my story the more people reached out to tell me they felt the same, or that my story helped them. After a few months on medication I decided to go travelling again and find out what I really wanted to do, from this LOST was born. I learnt so much about the negatives effects us as humans are having on the planet and got to see some of it first hand. I was lucky enough to swim with giant turtles and by next year this may not be possible to me this was heart breaking, but really made me think about how lucky I was. It had been a though year for myself personally but I feel this trip put it in perspective.

I wanted to do something to not only help the planet, I wanted to help people and provide education. Fashion effects everyone and yet not a lot of us think about your clothes journey to shop floor or the effects of £2 t-shirt have on the planet. I am guilty of this at times too. I am by no means a expert or have never owned a item form Primark, because I have! I originally planed to do t-shirts and bags as part of my blog when I was in Thailand and went to see about it. It was then I realised I was out of my depth and had to go and learn more about the fashion world if this was something I really wanted to pursue.So since returning home a year ago that is what I have done. I was overwhelmed with how poorly people in the fashion industry get treated and the truth behind fast fashion and high street brands. This was something I really didn’t want linked to LOST. The fact most workers work in almost slave labour conditions for shockingly low wages, making garments for pennies that are made to fall apart. Yet the company owner is making millions, with no regards for anything other than the bottom line. I knew from the get go that I wanted fair pay and good working conditions for everybody that was working on a garment for me. After 4 months of research I started to write a business plan, I originally wanted LOST to be everything you needed for a perfect capsule backpack. Made ethical and sustainable, promoting slow fashion. Okay so, your probably wondering what happened. I am still ethical and sustainable slow clothing, but now I would say more perfect basics. Well I got conned, and not even just once.Finding ethical manufactures in the UK is very hard, I had designed a shirt, trousers, short and a dress. Which I still have patterns for btw! But unfortunately was coned and lost (pardon the pun) a lot of money. Heartbroken and skint I wasn’t giving up. There is not a lot of help out there for start ups, especially ethical fashion start ups. So I was doing this all on my own without a real fashion background. I then lucky stumbled across a lovely women who had her own studio and helped me greatly and put me on the right path allowing me to launch with the lovely ethical, low carbon, traced back to field products that I have on sale just now.I do have more products launching tomorrow. I haven’t quite recoup enough money to have my patterns re-made quite yet but I am getting there.

I didn’t only want to make sure everyone that worked on my products were treated fairly, I also wanted to give back to the local community. So I have decided to give back to mental health charities as it is something close to home and I have been on the journey myself.I also want to pass on what I have learnt in fashion and in business and with every social media post this is what I try to do. I do still have a part time job as well so it can be tricky to get the knowledge across on a quick break post, but I am getting better as I learn. I hope this gives you a good insight not only to me but the thinking behind my brand. I want to be as transparent as possibly so please feel free to ask me anything.


Penny xxx


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