Well This Is Different

Well this certainly different, who would have thought it, that March 2020 would bring a nationwide pandemic by the name of COVID-19. I bet if someone had told you that at the start of the year you would have never believed it.

March has put a spanner in my works shall we just say, my second & third drops have been cancelled, my driving test cancelled, my job closed for the foreseeable, LOST 1st Birthday cancelled & months of uncertainty ahead.

If this pandemic had happened a few years ago. For me I think this would have been a very different situation. This is when I really struggled with my mental health and had felt at an all-time low. Don’t get me wrong the first week to ten days of this weren’t the best. I felt low, unmotivated and anxious about the uncertainty that lay ahead. I am about a week ahead of everyone in lockdown this is my fourth week and I can say that I have found a routine, thanks to The Neddy Scientist and his “go hardcore” plan and am happy although maybe a bit lonely, I miss be around people. I like to talk and well only so many conversations you can have with yourself and your Alexa!

Last night the neighbors posted three rainbows through my door and it really put a smile on my face so they are now pride of place in my window. Anyone else getting really quite emotional at the clap for careers on Thursdays? (just me?) There is something overwhelming about the solidarity that has shown through.

The 11th April marks LOST 1st Birthday and I can honestly say my first year in business had been something else. The lesson and challenges I have faced in the last year have been wide and varied.

Starting off with trying to find a good manufacture to produce the clothing. Unfortunately, my first attempt at this was unsuccessful I was conned and lost a lot of money, but it also taught me valuable lessons. I worked hard and made the money back, found a new manufacturer and managed to get my first box of stock after a long 7 months of working hard behind the scenes.

I launched before I was ready, looking back. I think that I was just so excited to finally have products I wanted to get them out there and show you all. Launching before I was ready helped me in a way, I was able to get real feedback and see where the gaps where within the business. NOT that I recommended doing it this way. (it caused a lot of tears and stress.) The launch went very well and was sold out of hoodies within 24hrs, what a high this was! It also felt very surreal those first sale like I couldn’t believe it was happening. People were buying my products and still to this day I do a happy dance whenever I get a sale.

As the year progressed, I started to get out there and done a number of pop up shops throughout Glasgow, some were fab others were a bit of a miss, but each time I got to meet other traders and learn something from them so the time was never wasted.

After a few months of trading I felt that I wanted to give LOST a launch party, something I couldn’t do at the start due to funds. I spend months planning it, writing press releases and contacting local papers and bloggers. The day of the launch the weather was shocking wet and gale force winds. Its wasn’t a complete washout, but I wasn’t the day I thought it was going to be. I am very thankful for those who did make it a long.

Then before we knew it Christmas was on the horizon; I really thought this month was going to be as successful as my launch week. Everyone talks about that big Christmas hype. It was anything but! I was working 50hr weeks in the restaurant and using my day off to do pop ups. The pop ups I did do at the start of December were a wash out. This left me feeling completely disheartened. My social media started to slide and I got really overwhelmed. I had to stop trading and put my own mental health first. I was gutted I had worked so hard over the year, but something had to give and instead of giving rubbish service and content to the people that follow and support me I would rather take the lost. (pardon the pun!)

Upset and gutted that Christmas never went to plan, after a good sleep and a week off work in January I was ready to get right back into it and make this year the best yet. I have made some changes and want to refine my brand.

I also have some fab new ideas and projects coming too.

Like I said at the start April 11th marks LOST turning ONE, I had planned a party and have been working on a MEGA exciting collaboration with the wonderful Eviestella. Unfortunately, I had to cancel the party, but our collaboration drop will be going ahead as a pre-order and will be launching on the 11.4.2020. This means you can still purchase these and as soon as lockdown is lifted, they will be on their way to you.

This is my first collaboration and it has turned out amazing. I am so so happy with it and I hope you all love it as much as we do.

I have tried to use this time as much as possible to put plans in place and work on projects for when the lockdown is lift. I am still hoping to have my best year yet and I hope you enjoy what’s to come. I am turning this negative situation into a positive one and coming out of this a better version of me.

So, make sure your following LOST social media’s as big things are coming. Stay safe and stay home guys. Much Love Penny xxx

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