What in store for the year ahead.

Looking back over the last year has been eventful. I hit rock bottom and then managed to build myself back up and achieve amazing things. I know I haven’t written a blog in a while but Christmas has been hectic for me. I have been working 50 hours weeks while trying to start LOST and have some sort of time with family and friends. Which has normally ended in me sleeping by 9pm. I also tried to fit in a few dates but safe to say that will be staying in 2018. Now the holidays are over I am back with a grand plan and excited for 2019.

I feel this year is going to bring a lot of change, which I am ready for it’s all ready started off better than last year and we are only five days in. I have addressed a few things over the holidays that has allowed me to let go and start fresh which I am proud of myself for doing. Last year I was at an all time low and got hurt more than once, but I did learn and this year I will be saying no and cutting ties to anyone or anything that tries to hold me back. If you can’t add or bring something to my life then I am not trying to hold on to you.For about the last five years or so each new year I set myself a new set of goals more than a New Years Resolution and this year is no different in fact these may be my biggest goals to date if I can pull them off. After all these years I am finally going to learn to drive and get myself a car. This is what I am kicking the year off with. Goal One. I am also going to try read at least a book a month, take some time away from the screen and get into a good book. So please feel free to send me recommendations of any great reads. Goal Two. I can’t wait to get back into my fitness last year with travelling and being unwell there was not to much being done. I have ordered a new running arm band and Monday I will be back out running the streets. Goal Three. Though my biggest goal this year is to launch LOST clothing. I had hoped that I would of launched it by the end of last year, but it never worked out that way. I am okay with that though because good things take time. Goal Four. Each year I tried to tick things of my bucket list, give myself a challenge or learn something new. I feel this way your more likely to stick to it as its already something you have thought about on more than one occasion, plus I like to challenge myself so I feel giving myself a year to work towards these is enough pressure to get them done.

Although LOST wasn’t launched in 2018 I personally learned so much in the 4 months that I had working towards LOST at the end of last year. It definitely wasn’t plain sailing but when is anything in my life. I am proud of where I have got to though and that I have done it by myself. Now I have better understanding and clearly pictures and weekly goals to work towards to make sure of a successful launch in 2019. Even though I am starting my own company I still need to work to so with the new year has came new job opportunity which I am also very excited about so hopefully in the next few week I will have some more exciting news to share. Even though I was completely over worked over Christmas I still had a wonderful Christmas day and got the best gift ever, a cordless hoover. Honestly if you don’t have one you should invest they are honestly the best thing ever. I highly recommend one if you are a bit of a clean freak like myself. So stay tuned and make sure to tell all your friends to tune in too, because big things are coming in 2019 as well as big giveaways that you will not want to miss. Hope you all had a wonderful festive period and are ready for the year ahead.


Penny xxx


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