Where to go from here?!

You maybe be wondering where I have been and what my next steps are? To be honest for a while there I didn’t know myself, lockdown was hard and full of highs and lows. Though when things started to ease, I felt it became more difficult. Well for me anyway I had to venture out and almost start a fresh. There were decisions to be made and I just couldn’t make them.

Fashion is all about appearances and currently LOST isn’t really showing up or out. Fashion has been one of the worst hit sectors. Yet can we even really say this anymore though? We are heading for the world’s worst recession and thousand’s lossing their jobs daily! Businesses that are thriving are those who have been established for years, household names, those endorsed by celebrities and the high-end names. The rest have been left struggling and trying to work out those next steps to take. Cash strapped, worried and on edge.

Is this the real shake up fashion needs though? Less brands, less choice. Is this the end of throw away culture and the rise of the capsule wardrobe and transitional items (The core concept of LOST). Or are we all just cash strapped and banking instead of spending?

These are all questions I have thought hard and long about over the past few months.

I have also had to make some big decision in regards to my own life to, lockdown really had me thinking about things. MY five-year plan and in what direction my life is heading considering two of the biggest hit sectors are the two that cover both my incomes.

With LOST it was all about education and awareness showing you that fashion that was kinder to the planet could be stylish. I wanted you to think about the back story of the clothes and their journey to the shop. I wanted to help my local community and be inclusive to all. I have worked so hard on all these points and I hope you think so to! However, we are at a stage now when times are hard for everyone and I wouldn’t feel right pushing sales and dropping new products every second month. This doesn’t mean that I am giving up and closing up shop. It just means I am taking a bit of a step back and allowing everyone to find their feet again. I do have one more tee to drop before the year is out as I have the stock from before lockdown so I want to get it out. I will still continue to take made to order too, so don’t worry about that.

I really do appreciate everyone’s support on my journey but I feel this is the right thing to do at the moment. I promise I will do a weekly post and keep you all up to date and do some more fashion history and shout outs to those who are out there killing it just now doing their thing too. So, I will be present if you want to reach out and chat. I just went silent to figure it all out.

In regards to my personal life as you know I like to keep you all up to date there too, I have made some big changes. I felt during and after lockdown that my job and hospitality as a whole is very risky and my job could go at any time. So, what should be my next step? As you all know I don’t have a fall back degree and I have spent most of my life working in hospitality or traveling, both have been amazing but don’t have great career prospects. Especially if we end up having another pandemic! One thing I have found myself falling in love with however over the past few years is writing and blogging. It’s helped me mentality too, I have found it very therapeutic.

So, a few weeks back I bit the bullet and applied to go and do journalism in collage. I had to write two news articles. A week of nerves and anticipation ensued, but your gal got in! Buzzing is an understatement. As of next week, I will officially be a student. If you have topics you want to see covered or you know someone that would love to be written about hit me up, I want all the stories and practice, I can get. Maybe one day soon I will be reading you all the six o’clock news.

Oh, and in other news I am still a hopeless romantic.

Well that’s us all caught up, it’s been eventful with some big changes but I feel that 2020 is going to finish on a high for us all!


Penny xxx


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