Wondering what’s going on.

Yes so am I. This starting your own clothing line is any thing but easy. Two weeks ago I was on such a high thought I had finally sorted it all out and had it down pat, booked a Launch night and told my close friends and family. Fast forward 24 hours and I was back to the start with the production side of things. Why I hear you ask?!

Because I thought I had paid up to date with my manufactures as you have to pay up front before they start work, then I get hit with a massive bill! Saying that I still owed after no indication that my money had run out, even thought I am in contact with them at least once or twice a week. I went from a absolute high to rock bottom I honestly was ready to give up at this point, I cried myself to sleep that night it was honestly horrible. This probably wont be the last night like this I know but it was just such a drastic contrast. When I received this new invoice it sent alarm bells ringing in my head and I just found it all a bit strange. Since then I have had someone contact me and say that they had the same problem with this company and they knew of others this has happened to as well. I was shocked but wasn’t that surprise after I finally calmed down of the initial shock of the new invoice.

So last week I check out and took the week off reevaluated what I was doing and why I was doing it. I was also working extra shifts in my current job just to make some extra money towards the manufacturing bills. I was emotionally and mentally drained. Taking the week off made me come up with a new plan and make me want it even more. But yet again I was back to the start with no seamstress! Yesterday I met with printers Wild&Kind it was a fabulous meeting and its gave me my mojo back.Wild&Kind are a female focused community interest company that specialise in print and embroidery . They are big on ethical printing which was a massive reason I wanted to work with these guys. All there products are natural and they use vegan friendly ink. My idea has always been to launch a capsule wardrobe collection and I am not swaying from this, but the reason I am working with Wild&Kind is to print my jumpers, t-shirt’s and totes as well as some socks. Just so that I can get up and running and making some capital to put back into the business to be able to get my samples in to garments for everyone to purchase. I have lost a bit of money with being messed around with manufactures and then surprise bills, and I don’t want to borrow more money to get up and running so with starting to sell the merchandise I have I can start to create money coming in and be able to work along side a seamstress to get my products out there. This is not how I imagined the launch or the start of LOST Clothing journey going, but I am glad I have encounter all these problems at the start of my journey. It has definitely made me stronger and more determent to make it all work.

So by the end of this week I will have my jumpers, t-shirts, totes and socks ready to go and the samples of all clothing ready to be took. I have also started reaching out to a few pop up shops as well so I will be posting dates and places on my next few posts.

I am excited to see what you all think of my collection.


Penny xxx


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